The Queen Vic Way is the way we do things at QVCare. We show genuine respect and compassion for our residents, and deliver progressive care for which we are all accountable.

In everything we do, we live these values: Client & Carer centred care, knowledge, empathy, accountability and courage. The Queen Vic Way informs the connections we enjoy among family, staff, volunteers and suppliers; our many leisure and lifestyle options; our partnership with the University of Tasmania; the meals we prepare; and all the services we offer.

Our volunteers are part of The Queen Vic Way. They drive our buses, read to residents, tell stories, run musical concerts, provide companionship, and support varied activities. The benefits are mutual – our volunteers form friendships, share their skills, learn from residents and are a special part of life at QVCare Village.

The Queen Vic Way drives achievement of our Vision and supports delivery of our purpose:


To be the Centre of Excellence for an ageing well community


We partner with people who are ageing to live their best life, their way.

Values & Value Statements

Client and Carer Centred Care
Our clients and their carers are at the centre of everything we do.

Our people value continual learning and we partner with the community to expand and deepen our knowledge.

We take the time to listen and understand things from another’s point of view.

We are accountable for our actions and acknowledge and improve from our mistakes.

We have the courage to question the status quo, stand up for what is right, take reasonable risks and be adaptable to change.