QVCare goes the extra mile to provide quality care and services through our continuous quality improvement approach. We are fully accredited by the Aged Care Quality Agency and regularly pass their unannounced inspections against selected Accreditation Standards.

Employer of Choice

We are an Employer of Choice, recognised by the judges for our ‘exemplary change management practices’ as we respond to the Government’s significant reform agenda and introduce new information technology to grow productivity and staff engagement.

Teaching Aged Care Facility

We are a Teaching Aged Care Facility, achieved through our unique partnership with the University of Tasmania and the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre. We host and mentor students from six health disciplines to expand their knowledge and understanding about working in aged care. In turn, they bring a fresh perspective, valuable insights about current practice and opportunities to apply new ideas.

Learning Organisation

As part of The Queen Vic Way, we are committed to being a learning organisation and growing our own skilled staff. The Boutchard Dementia Education Bequest enables dementia education for frontline and support staff; we train and accredit staff in mandatory skills using a contemporary and flexible e-learning approach; we support and encourage staff to complete the Wicking Centre’s Understanding Dementia course; and invest in business and human resources education for administrative staff.